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           Storage System INC. was established by international and local owners in 1993 as a privately owned company. Storage System is the market leader for Optical and CD/DVD/MO Based Storage Devices, CD-Recordable and DVD-Recordable solutions and tape systems and its related products in Hungary acting as Value-Added Distributor and Multimedia Developer.

           Its mission is to provide complete solutions to system integrators and dealers to make their end-user’s data recorded and handled in a reliable and safe way. Storage System has already built up a solid customer base, country-wide dealer network and educated the market concentrating on customer service, which includes the high quality, customer oriented tech support. Highly qualified R&D engineers develop DVD related software and hardware products backed by world-wide leading multimedia companies.

            Storage System is the authorised distributor of CD/DVD drive manufacturers, such Plextor and used to be distributor of YAMAHA, Ricoh, Sony and TEAC till they terminated optical recording related activities. In order to provide complete solutions Storage System INC. is nominated to distribute products Nero, formerly Ahead Software.

             The company also offers CD/DVD- or changer based Towers and CD/DVD Jukeboxes of Pioneer, JVC, with their handling software of Smart Storage/OTG/Legato. The product range includes the DVD-Recorders of Pioneer, Ricoh, Panasonic, Hitachi and LG, Magneto-Optical devices of Sony. Complementary non-optical based distribution covers Exabyte tape systems and changers, Sony DDS and AIT drives as well as the data media products of Sony.

            Storage System INC. owns a significant market share of CD- and DVD-Recorders on the Hungarian market. Additionally the company is one of the largest recordable and rewritable media distributor. Storage System INC. is the largest data media distributor of Sony.

            The company’s R&D Department has been developing several multimedia products including Presentation Manager Software for a single-chip DVD board, 1394 interface cards, MPEG-1&2 computer player cards, video conferencing solutions including video capture capabilities. Detailed information of these products can be found on .


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